Books & Videos – Buy at the Town Offices or send in the Order Form.

“Across the Onion” –  by Ellen Hill and Lynne Blackwell – $25/$35
The East Montpelier Historical Society has a number of publications and a video for sale.

You can get a copy in either hard cover for $35 or soft cover for $25 at the Town Office, the Bragg Farm Sugar House and Gift Shop, and the Morse Farm Maple Sugar Works. Also at Bear Pond Books and Book Garden in Montpelier and at Barre Books.

The Vermont Historical Society has them for sale in both the Barre and Montpelier gift shop and carries them in their gift catalog.The glue has failed on some of the original soft cover books and they are now “loose-leaf.” If you have one of these books and wish to purchase a new edition, of either binding, the Society will take back the old copy for a credit of $5.00. These can be re-glued and sold as used books. We would ask that these trades be done only at the Town Office or through the order form.

“Because We Were Needed” – Compiled by David A. Coburn – $5
The stories of five East Montpelier women who served in the military in World War II

Mabel Christiansen Wright and Gladys Parker Dunkling served in the WACSs, Marion Washburn Codling was in the WAVEs; and Armonia (Val) Villaneueva Cueto and Grace McPhearson Mekklesen were in the Army Nurse Corps.”

These young women and thousands like them were part of the larger national effort that required selfless sacrafice from all Americans. By doing so, they brought about vast changes and idelibly altered the role of women in society.

Revolutionary War Soldiers of East Montpelier – 1794 – By Ellen Hill – $2

The early settlers of the Town of East Montpelier who fought in the American Revolution

“Ancient Cemeteries of East Montpelier – From 1794” – by Ellen Hill, Bob and Lois Webster – $5
An Inventory of Gravestones and Their Poetry. Published June 2012. The early publications covering all the cemeteries sold out.

This reprint features only the cemeteries where there will be no new burials. There will be a second one covering those where there will continue to be burials.


Historic Sites of East Montpelier”– by the Historical Society – $3
Most of the information and photos in this publication were published in a pamphlet by the East Montpelier Bicentennial Committee for the 1975 Bicentennial.

The text has been edited to reflect changes that have occurred since 1975. Photos have been added that were not in the original publication.



“Early Friends of East Montpelier – The Quakers who settled East Montpelier Village” – by Margery S. Walker – $5

Mrs Wallker wrote this in 1972 while her husband was employed at Goddard College.

This reprint includes photos, a map and a brief narrative about the Quakers their origins and beliefs.



“A Photo Trip through the Cemeteries of East Montpelier & Calais” – photos and narration by Elliott A. Morse – $10

A video of the presentation Elliott Morse gave at the July 2009 meeting of the societies. It features photos he had taken in the cemeteries of East Montpelier and Calais and the history of some of the town’s folks buried there. It is in DVD format and runs for just under an hour.

Below is a sample of the what’s in the DVD: