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The Coburn Covered Bridge, Born of a Farmer’s Opportunity – $3
By David A. Coburn
This covered bridge was built in 1852 by Larned Coburn.

The East Montpelier Musical  – $2
Compiled by David A. Coburn
The stories the annual music convention run by Charles P. Dudley at the East Montpelier Town Hall.

Fairmont Flying Service in East Montpelier – $2
Compiled by David A. Coburn
The Airfield Of Dreams on VT-14 south by two WWII veteran fighter pilots. It ran for two years.

Hero of the Battle of Spotsylvania William W. Noyes – $2
Compiled by David A. Coburn
William Noyes served in the Union army and was awarded the Medal of Honor for his action in this Civil War Battle.

North Montpelier Woolen Mills – $2 
Compiled by David A. Coburn
The story if the mills in North Montpelier Village from 1792 to 1949 And an essay by Erlene Leonard of East Calais about working there.